Monday, November 5, 2012

Still going to pick up the brush

Yesterday, while I was working through separating stuff I am going to take home and stuff I am getting rid of, I felt the need to pick up my paintbrush. Since this summer I haven't really done my art and knew a part of me was aching. So I got on the map system and found this image on a street corner. I liked the shape of the buildings and the dirty drippings from the windows.

I have to say it felt really good to paint and draw again. Even though I know I'm heading for nights of study and days of work, I'll try my best to continue my art. I agreed with myself yesterday that even though I am not pursuing a profession in the arts I should put the same passion I have into my career as I have for the arts.

Besides I think I will look forward to finding scenes in Seattle to paint or draw.


  1. Very nice painting, u definitely have talent. Thanks for posting it :)

  2. Just my luck to have discovered your blog just when you plan to leave Korea! Loved your blog-- the words, the pictures, the paintings, everything. xx

  3. Thank you Anya. Trust me not being here to further give people great posts saddens me. I too stumble upon other folks blogs to discover they are leaving. It's the way things are here though. Anyway hope you can continue to enjoy it even after I'm gone.


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