Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall's Last Moment: Around my neighborhood

When most of the leaves are on the ground and not up in the trees, you know fall is practically over. Yet it is all still beautiful and I couldn't help but grab the camera and meander around my neighborhood capturing this moment.

The fate of these leaves is to end up in bags piled up high around the 'hood.

Fruits for sale adding their own natural fall colors to the scene.

I also enjoyed the architecture alongside the scenery and a full trash bin.

It was all a nice distraction from everything and imagery to hold on to as the temperature drops and the trees become stick figures.

The red berries and green leaves in this picture made me feel a little Christmasy, and all end with that picture on this post as this holiday is around the corner.


  1. ...persimmons?!
    V. nice shots.The crates of fruit my favorite!

  2. Yes I believe so. They are harvested this time of year here.


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