Sunday, August 26, 2012

What I Ate in Damyang

While in Damyang I did my best to eat the local specialities. If you recall I was treated to some bamboo bread on my first arrival. After I ventured through the bamboo forest I was hot and wanted something to eat. So I walked around the city area of the town and found a mul naengmyeon restaurant (물 냉면).

I would say that there really isn't much I can compare mul naengmyeon with in America. Maybe gazpacho, the cold tomato-y soup. However, I have come to love this summertime treat and find it a very refreshing meal. The boiled egg on top is consumed first and then one works their way through the noodles and cold broth.

Damyang is well known for a certain Korean dish called tteok galbi. It resembles a hamburger patty just that the ingredients are somewhat different.

I have to say I could have picked a better restaurant as this one wasn't that great. I mean the food was wonderful, just I saw another restaurant around the corner that was more busy.

I have had tteok galbi before and every time I eat it I enjoy the charred parts that are salty and savory at the same time. My choice of side-dishes were ample yet seemed a little on the not-so-fresh side. I wonder if this is easy to make at home. Actually, now that I think about I've seen frozen versions in the meat department and fresh already-made ones ready to be grilled. Hmmm something to think about.

They are also famous for rice steamed in a bamboo cup, which I didn't manage to get as I flopped my order. However, I've had this before in Insadong and know what it's like.

Whenever you are traveling around Korea one of the best things is tasting the local specialities. That is one of the highlights of living in this country and which inspires me to get around more.


  1. When we lived there, I used to buy tteok galbi from emart and put it between bread - sometimes bun like bread, sometimes just sandwich bread - to make the kids hamburger like things. Actually pretty yummy with the usual burger toppings. =) Although also very good with rice.

  2. I never taste it before. Well, goes to show I still have things to look forward to in here. : )


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