Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Accounts of Typhoon Bolaven

The windows are rattling and the cats are sleeping soundly in the house of Joy. Typhoon Bolaven (태풍 볼라벤) has been blowing its hardest over South Korea since last night and bringing with it hysteria. However, as much as it is kind of silly watching Korean people get all up in arms about this severe weather, safety is usually a good idea. I recall a few years ago when windows blew out in the last typhoon while people were standing near them enjoying the typhoon scenery.

For the most part this typhoon hasn't been too grand or destructive. From what I can see and have walked through. However, it mostly disrupted the everyday schedule.

My school didn't allow the students to attend but teachers were made to come in. This caused many of the foreign staff to request to leave early and at one point people wanted to stage a "walk-out." Yet we were allowed to go at 12pm, and all was well. I'm imagining a lot of people got the day off today, which is a rare sight in Korea. Yet you can imagine we will be making it up at some point.

Last night the sunset was stunning as the sky was alit in lovely hues of pink and blue. The "calm before the storm" I suppose. When I walked to work today, as I tried not to get blown away, I noticed many people taped up "x's" on their window. In Florida people shutter their windows with planks of wood and hunkered down somewhere safe. I think the days of taping up one's window are over out there.

The sky this morning showed dense clouds moving swiftly, which are kind of fun to watch. For the most part I find this typhoon connects us all together. Whether we are at home or in the office, we all are sharing the experience. I hope everyone had a safe journey through Typhoon Bolaven...till next season.

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  1. Beautiful skyline! I grew up in Virginia Beach with hurricanes at least every other year. But the most they do is tape as well. Hope all is safe there.

    Oh, and video didn't work? :-( may be because of Thailand though.

  2. Let's hope that strong typhoons won't come too much and that we can survive well when it does strike.


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