Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Week Back - Second Semester

The first week of the Fall semester has flown by, and was all right. I started things off by giving one of our homeroom teacher's a gift for her baby. It was a nice soft blanket I found at a baby store. She was very surprised to get it from me. This is her first baby and I thought I would give her a gift to celebrate such an occasion. Later on in the week she came up to me in the lunch room and told me that her son slept very well with the blanket I gave her.

We got our level testing done and unfortunately not much was changed in one class that needed it. However, the rest of the groups seem to be doing all right. A handful of students dropped out of my school, a few of which I was happy and sad to see go. There are some empty spots and I'm sure they will fill them up quick.

I am happy this semester because I have finished planning all my lessons for the whole year. This means I can sit back and let the regular paperwork flow in. I just need to make the materials for the following months (actually I'm caught up to October). Most importantly this gives me the ability to focus on this semester's big event, the drama festival. Since I'm the team leader I will be getting everyone ready and making sure it works out. Yet I have confidence in my team and it's pretty much straightforward after you practice for a few days with the kids.

Otherwise the second semester has a lot of vacation in it, which means it is a bit more relaxed. I just hope to give my students my best and be patient with the low levels. Already I've seen these students grow so much and it warms my heart to see their English has improved since last year. I hope I had something to do with that!

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  1. Life is so much easier in school. I miss it now that I am working.


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