Monday, January 16, 2012

SK Honeymoon Couple on Ill Fated Cruise Ship

Finally found an article detailing why these two didn't escape when things went bad. Apparently, they were "napping" and woke up when things started tilting. I gathered that they became trapped or didn't really know what to do so went back to their cabin to be safe.

When I first saw the news on Korean TV I thought perhaps they couldn't figure out what to do because their English was poor. Of course, that isn't really fair and in a disaster situation anything can happen.

I'm glad to hear that they just were scared and trapped and couldn't ask for help or something in English or whatever language was primarily used on the ship (Italian?). But it makes me think of whether students in Korea ever get an English lesson on how to survive in a disaster. I think this would be very important and they should learn words beyond, "Help!" Also consider how emergency lights and other reading materials are often in just a few languages around the world. Then this makes me think about the emergency procedures propaganda I see while riding the subway here. I think most of it has helped me grasp what to do if anything were to happen.

Anyways, glad to see the couple is safe and sound.

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