Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Back at work here doing the normal thing of classes and then break time. I would be lesson planning right now, but the current 2nd grade teacher asked for her books back. I think I have a copy of the Volume 2 book back at my house, so that can help me later. Just won't have the teacher's guide, however I didn't rely on it too much.

All I have left are November, December and bits of February for next year. I suppose I can get to those in time, as they are far away. Still there is the need in me to keep punching them out, however ridiculous that sounds.

Because I booked my vacation tickets through Hanatour I have to wait 48 hours before my flight to select my seats. I can't sleep without the window seat and so am trying my best to be patient. Hopefully, my flight will have a lot of, "I hate the window seat" type folks.

Things to do before heading off on my vacation:
- Get Tom to his brother's house for cat sitting.
-  Visit the Doc to refill meds
- Transfer more money to my American bank account.
- Organize my packing of (warm and cold clothes). Would like to make it so I have enough room to fill them up with new finds.
- Get the seats.

All right, I suppose I could go clean up my desk here and do more house cleaning in my classroom. ㅋㅋ


  1. Ask the school to get you another copy of the Teacher's work book & patience is good stuff.
    I hope you don't bring schoolwork with you & take the REAL vacation you deserve! <3

  2. That is a nice thought, but not a thing I can ask the school. They likely just have that one...I searched the closets...hehe

  3. Oh I won't be bringing work with me...haha


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