Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Fractions Study Guide

Since the start of this recent semester I realized that these kids need extra study aids to get them through all the English math jargon. Also, it was starting to pester me that they kept on mistaking the word square for circle.

As I am planning for next year I am continuing on my path to make study guides. The above is the one I recently made for the fractions chapter. Now I must admit that I am actually a math dummy. However, I did very well during my math classes in college, mostly because I found algebraic formulas fascinating.

Thankfully, I teach 1st and soon to be 2nd grade math.  The book we are using makes it not only simple for the student but also for the teacher. However, I wanted to make sure that when I get around to saying "one-fifth" that the students understand what I am sputtering. So I hope this study guide will help them put words to picture.

Usually they just shove the paper into their bags and I don't see them again. Next year they are going to have class note books and these guides will get permanently glued into them.

Whenever a student did hold onto their study guide and pulled it out during a spelling bee challenge, I felt pretty proud. I usually would praise these students and point out to the others that their ability to spell "rectangular prism" would be easier if they had their guide with them. ;)


  1. How about having them laminated?! Or inserted in clear sheet protectors - I get boxes of them at Office Depot v. inexpensive. They have the 3 holes on the side for three ring binders/notebooks.
    I advise you to put a copyright symbol & your name on the bottom of these study guides. I've recently learned that as long as there's a copyright symbol on something it's "legally" copyrighted!

  2. I might coat a few for the tables to have on display. But coating materials are in short supply. They don't have binders....the kids..

    I think glueing into their notebooks will work out.


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