Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Seoul Drum Beats

 When I found a seat and took in the performance happening I started to see that not all citizens of Korea were on the road visiting family. Perhaps they got that over with already or their relatives live close to home. Whatever the reason, the Namsangol Folk Village was the place to be and despite the crowds people were cheerful and in good spirits. I enjoyed a story telling performance while getting some rest under the shade.

 Later on I started heading towards the little village areas of the park where on my way I was greeted by a parade.

 As the performers floated by dancing, drumming and playing instruments I was reminded of what rich culture Korea has, and how it comes out in full force during Chuseok. Yet when I went up to one of the hanok villages courtyard and saw a stunning drum performance I was more than blown away.

First four men gave us a lively performance on their drums, which got the crowd warmed up for the women's show.

 I've been to the International Drum Festival (which is going on now) a few times in the past and can say the Korean versions are always incredibly colorful and lively. Here was no exception as everything was spot on and well coordinated. The ladies twirled in sync with each other and were very energetic.

 Another fun point about the show was that they move their drums around to make different positions, something that adds more depth to the performance. Later on they put their drums aside and started doing a circular dance together.

 Eventually they came up to the crowd and invited children and adults to dance with them, which was a fun way to end the show. I hope to get up a video I took of the event so you can truly hear and see how spectacular Korean drumming really is. Till then I hope you enjoyed your Chuseok holiday with not just rest and relaxation but also a taste of Korean culture.

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