Saturday, October 6, 2012

How I Celebrated my 31st and 4th Birthday in Korea

With good food and great friends, that is how you have a wonderful 31st birthday in Korea. Not to mention that it was on Chuseok and I spent the earlier part of the day enjoying the traditions Korea had to offer.

I met up with some great pals who were available during this holiday season to eat at a highly recommended Evergreen Pakistani restaurant in Itaewon.  Unlike other similar restaurants I have tried here in Korea the food at this one tasted more authentic. Since I have not yet traveled to these regions of the world, I can't really say what is authentic, but the Naan bread definitely took the bait.

One can't pass their birthday without blowing out some candles, and this year I put mine on top of a lemon custard tart thanks to Tartine. I was hoping to put them on top of some cupcakes, but those places were closed. However, the tart turned out more scrumptious than cupcakes.

I'm always happy to turn another age on my birthday and getting further away from my twenties doesn't scare me. I find at this age that I have a lot more wisdom and patience in me. Anyway, it was a fun birthday and I hope this gives you some ideas for yours if you have it coming up.

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