Sunday, July 29, 2012

Volunteered to Paint the Walls

It might be roasting hot outside, but that didn't stop me from volunteering my free time this Saturday to help paint the walls. The Mannam International Volunteer Association puts on regular trips and activities to help out in the community. It's funny how I came across this group. The first time I was walking to the station near my house and someone handed me a card. At the time I passed it off as another religious group wanting English speakers.

Later on I met someone new at one of the studio sessions at Jankura art space, and they told me how the group is a lot of fun and goes to many locations around Korea. So I became interested and exchanged emails with her.

A few weeks ago she told me about a mural painting project and I lept at the idea. A school out near Myeongil-dong needed their walls painted. However, this was no ordinary school and is one meant for disabled children. As I painted the wall, I couldn't help but imagine the cheerful smiles the students would have when they return to school and see the characters on the wall.

When I arrived I was handed a paint brush and paints by my friend and told, "I started to make this bunny, but I think you can do better." I suggested putting a black outline around it, and went from there. Although the "space bunny" wasn't as exciting to look at like Pororo next to it, I tried to spruce it up as I went along.

I gave him a blue space pack, pink ear and nose, and a blue big eye to look out at on everyone. I also tried to whiten him up in areas. I have to say I would tried to have stayed longer and help out on other parts of the wall, but I was beat from the heat. However, I left feeling accomplished and that I did some good.

Here are some pictures of the rest of the wall.

This group also has cooking classes, Korean classes and meet ups often, so if you want to meet new people than join up. You can meet people from around the world, as is hinted in the "International" portion of their name. Check out the Facebook group for another way to get connected.

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