Thursday, July 5, 2012

July's July

The summer can be considere half-way through already. It's my 5th summer in Korea and it seems the rain, heat and humidity are just passing me by without much thought. I've kept busy this term with school work and life changes. Vacation planning is currently preoccupying my mind. I plan to do something mild this season, just venture out far enough and not spend too much to make it valid.

Looking at the above picture I wonder if the fish in there is alive, because he doesn't really look like it. The kitten even seems to look on in sympathy. It comes from an add I spotted while transferring on the subway a few weeks back.

Tomorrow the kids take their final tests, then it's a time of grading and inputing things into their report cards. I can't believe the first semester is practically over, and camp is upon me. Where did the time go?

Sometimes I lay on my bed after work, when I've finished having dinner and took care of those after-work things. I look out my one window and wonder where all this is going. These hours of sustained daylight keep the mind preoccupied with thoughts of the future. At least the rain comes and soothes one's soul.


  1. wow, 5 years....that's crazy! I remember when you first got there and you made that packing video1

  2. Haha~ man that packing video is classic. I doubt people still do that...coming to Korea seems like an ordinary thing now.


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