Sunday, February 12, 2012


My flight to SFO was quickened down to 9hrs because of strong jet streams along the way. I managed to get some shut eye on the plane. What also made it great was the middle seat was empty and the aisle seat was taken by a nice Berkeley guy who shared in the wonders of that city.

I'm currently at my hotel and waking up out of a 4 hour nap in a cozy Queen size bed. Not much is nearby this place, except if I wanted to walk several blocks. I don't feel like doing that so I'm going to order salad and pizza. I fly out tomorrow to catch a plane to Florida. I can't wait! A huge reunion.

Usually when I come back to America from abroad I feel really nostalgic on the first day. I kind of felt this way at the airport and ride over to the hotel. I admired the license plates and variety of cars and colors.

But this time I just feel sleepy and hungry. I think things will perk up more as time passes. I mostly just feel strange. I love America and being here reminds me I'm not a part of it anymore. So I'm a little sad too.

Anyways, glad to be on my way.

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  1. Going home is such a strange experience I find, a real mix of emotions.

    In the lead up I'm normally super excited, and I love catching up with family and friends, but at the same time it brings to the fore how removed I really am in their life. And then there's that strange pull between enjoying being 'home' and it not feeling like 'home' at all, and desperately wanting to get back 'home' (which is wherever my husband and dogs are!

    Hope you have a great trip...


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