Saturday, February 23, 2013

Task Rabbit to the rescue!

Getting to Incheon airport is going to be easy cause my friend (and his car) are taking me there. But since I don't know anyone in Seattle, taking care of that end is going to be a challenge. Until I read about Taskrabbit in the New Yorker.

It's the new startup where there are "rabbits" and people who ask for things to get done. The "rabbits" are background checked people who sign up to take on tasks other people request. For example some tasks range from needing help assembling Ikea furniture to doing one's budget.

I figured why not use this service and so signed up a few weeks ago and posted my "airport pickup" task. The way it works is that you either have rabbits bid (goes to the lowest bidder) or you can pick the rabbit. I chose to pick the rabbit and went with the first person to respond, also their price was reasonable ($31). From there you communicate via email with your rabbit to make the final arrangements. After the task is completed the website will draw money from your bank and give it to your rabbit, plus any expenses that were incurred (tolls, parking fees) and then a percentage goes to the website. 

I could use a taxi or van service when I get to Seattle, but because I have so much luggage and Tom I wanted help from someone who can be there at the baggage claim. Plus this whole set up sounds like a lot of fun.

Now of course I haven't completed the task yet so we will see if it actually works. However if it does I hope to use Taskrabbit in the future as it is a great idea. It's available in most large U.S. cities, so take a look if you think it could work for you. :)

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