Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Typography Exhibit: Tokyo TDC Seoul 2012

Typography: known as the process or art of arranging types and printing from them. Basically evolving from writing stuff down to making it available to the masses. Certainly the history of typography is something of interest, but why not check into a gallery celebrating contemporary works in the medium?

I did just that with Stafford from The Chosun Bimbo this past weekend, and enjoyed a nice exhibit titled "Tokyo TDC Seoul 2012" at the Samwon Paper Gallery in Gunja, Seoul.

This was an interesting space as to one side was the gallery and the other a paper shop. However, this juxtaposition was appropriate and the layout of the show was thoughtful. For the most part artists were laid out by style, with books on tables, posters on the wall and design kits along the center.

You could get the most sense that this was about typography through the books on display, but for the most part it felt more like a design exhibit.

Most enjoyed was a space set up showing Bjork's recent album Biophilia and the typography and design associated with it. Accompanying the set up was a hand written and signed letter from the artist.

When entering the gallery we were told that it was okay to touch "everything" and take pictures too. So in a way this exhibit was a bit interactive where you could feel the paper and get to know the design.

After enjoying the typography exhibit we entered into the paper store to see what that was all about, which turned out be mostly paper. However, it made for some fun photography.

And so this event is going on through October till the 27th. If you are in the Gunja area or would like to get out to see something different, I would recommend a visit. Take exit 1 and this place is right there in front of you.

This gallery space is just another reminder of how the arts are sometimes tucked in and hidden away here in Seoul.

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