Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hangang Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

In the nearly five years that I have lived in Korea, I have never once been to the infamous Yeoudio Flower Festival. Usually the reason I didn't go was that my ex's told me it was too crowded, parking was horrible and it's far away. Well since this year I have no man to tell me not to do things, I decided to head there anyways. Unfortunately, I wasn't blown away.

I got out of Yeoinaru station and saw some cherry blossom trees but nothing like I had seen in pictures. I thought what happens is you find yourself on a set path filled to the brim with blossoms. I think the first issue was that spring is still starting to happen here in Seoul. Maybe now that it has been 24 hrs later, the trees are more in bloom.

Also, what was kind of was disappointing was that the "blossom path" was right next to a busy street. Making enjoying the blooms frantic and laden with noise and pollution. So to the left of you was the traffic and to the right the lovely scenery of the Han River park. But even the park was barren of green grass and leaves on trees.

I tried my best to enjoy this festival and got into checking out the street food stalls. One of which included coconuts for sale, which I'm not sure if they opened them up for you.

There were blossoms to see though, and I made due with trying not to be a nuisance while stopping and taking photos.

If you really must head to Yeouido and enjoy this time of the year, I suggest bring some friends and a picnic. As there was plenty of room for that and lots of people watching to enjoy.

I enjoyed a light snack by myself than checked the map and realized that a familiar and fun spot was nearby. So I got up and headed towards such location, which I will show in my next post.

On my way to the station I found myself in front of Seoul's capitol building, The National Assembly. I realized this was the closest I had ever been to this iconic feature of Seoul, and that felt like quite an accomplishment.

Anyways, stay tuned for more flowering goodness!


  1. Didn't you move to Seoul in Spring 2008? If so that would make it 4 years you've lived there...right? (not 5)?!
    Nice cherry blossoms!

  2. In my mind I will be starting my 5th year...but really I've lost feels like a long time anyways.

  3. It's difficult to get the timing right for seeing the blossoms in full bloom - Blink and you'll miss it!

  4. Some of the blossoms in my neighborhood are already falling off !


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