Saturday, March 17, 2012

The National Gallery of Art

The wind was blowing a chilly blast but we headed to The National Gallery of Art anyways. Inside this humble building are vast halls filled to the wall with art from long-ago to the more recent. The West Wing houses the more traditional and classic works, while the East Wing is for contemporary and modern art.

We mostly explored the West wing and I found myself seeing works from well known artists such as Cezanne to some I didn't know.

Dutch still life is always a treat ~

I liked how as you finished one section of the gallery you go through the garden atrium in the center.

Heading into the Impressionist wing was exciting and certainly was the more popular section of the building.

Although the free-willing aesthetic of Impressionist art is mind-capturing, I still enjoyed the occasional still life in all it's detail.

Since we had just an hour left before closing time we tried to get in the East wing and see some modern and contemporary art. Certainly this wing was set up differently to accommodate the modern scale of art within the last few centuries.

The above is a walkway section that links the East and West wings. As I stood there trying to photograph it I got yelled at by one of the guards for being too close. Hmph!

It was fun and looking back I wish I had gone into the Smithsonian as well.

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  1. Glad you had a good time in my hometown of DC.

    The various Smithsonians are some of my favorite parts of the city. And free!


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