Thursday, July 25, 2013

Missing Foreigner Joy? Try American Joy

American Joy has been my new blog of my life back in America. Although I'm busy being a grad student I try to keep up with it and give insights into my new life back in Seattle. You can see not only tidbits about my life but also fun things I'm doing around the area.



  1. Joy, my name is Tom and I am a new employee at WorkNPlay <--- I am not trying to spam your page so I will refrain from putting a link. We are involved with recruiting English teachers but we have yet to provide very much post placement support. We are compiling a guide to help assist new teachers and are looking around for some experienced teachers who might be able to contribute some words of wisdom. I have read your blog and it looks like you took your job seriously, and had fun. It is a shame that you are no longer teaching here. If you are interested in participating we will end up publishing on the web and possible in print in the future please email me at Either way thank you for doing an excellent job and good luck with your transition.


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