Friday, February 3, 2012

Upcoming DC Trip

As part of my home vacation this month I am going to visit Washington, D.C. with my mother. I have never been here and am excited to see a slice of America I haven't been to. So far I am using Google Maps to pinpoint places of interest and also restaurants and general areas to find oneself at a nice cafe. Here is the map:

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The "volcano" is our hotel! haha I hope the weather will be favorable for viewing the monuments. I am especially looking forward to seeing the White House, as I think in person it will give you a really awesome feeling. It is going to be interesting figuring out the bus and metro system, but I think with all my experience here in Seoul, Japan, and San Francisco I can manage.

Have you ever been there? Or perhaps you are from there. Then give me some tips and hints for great places or restaurants to visit!


  1. Don't bother with Georgetown a waste of time. go to Arlington and to the Custis Lee Mansion it is overlooked but a real gem....also Iwo Jima monument is my favorite ..The Native American History museum is good also...I lived there a long time

  2. I say go to Georgetown especially for the Exorcist steps and a stroll. Of course go to the touristy places, White House, Washington Monument, Nat'l Mall, Chinatown, all the museums along the Mall, Lincoln Memorial, Tidal Basin, Union Station, Ben's Chili Bowl, Iwo Jima Monument, U Street, DuPont Circle etc. Tons to see and do.

    I live by Chinatown and the Convention Center and have also been here for a long time. Our metro system is super simple (sometimes not reliable, but definitely simple). Enjoy!

  3. Thanks for those tips you two! I can't wait just to find a cupcake shop or geeze a Chili Bowl place!

  4. Thanx for the tips! No one mentioned the Vietnam Memorial or the Women's Art Museum...on my TO DO list!

    Joy thanx for ur excellent mapping - do u want an inside tour of the White House or just viewing from outside? If inside it might require a reservation for tix...something to chk about?!
    Never heard re: Exorcist steps ?? Pls fill us in Ms. Humble N.!

    I'm afraid our 3 day + 2 - 1/2 days is barely enough time! Kinda like Paris or NYC for me in that sense.... od dear!


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