Sunday, October 2, 2011

And then we were friends

I haven't been sharing much about my personal life, but felt an update was necessary. For a while now my relationship with JH has been going downhill. Back in May things were quite nice, but then as the summer advanced things started to grow apart between us.

Eventually he has come to the conclusion that we should change our relationship to being friends. That in time this will serve us better than in a close relationship. Although things weren't working out for us I was confused by this conclusion.

But these days I am getting use to this change and accepting it. I suppose I am back in the single boat and this time I want to stay in it and assess my life and such.

Even though we are now friends I find myself needing some distance from him to sort all this out and accept it. But eventually I do want to be his friend and not loose him forever.

So that is where I am at nowadays. If you have any questions email or post them.  Thanks~


  1. Its always hard being friends with the one you loved/liked.....I realize, unfortunately, its better to part ways.....for a long while.....then become friends later down the line. It hurts less this way (in my opinion.) :)

  2. Out of curiosity, in the two year you were together, did you ever meet his parents?

  3. Yes plenty of times. His parents weren't an issue in this. I guess that is something to be grateful for. haha


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