Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joy's Jelly Bean Contest

One of the chapter's coming up in the student's book is "Estimation." For this week of estimating fun I decided to have all the classes take part in a Jelly Bean guessing contest. There are eight groups and each one will get to see a jar semi-full with jelly beans and make a guess as to how many.

A worksheet will accompany this activity and the winner will receive the jar of beans to take home.
I've already counted them and so can quickly announce the winners. Just something fun I have added to this semester that I hope spices things up for the kids.


  1. What's the estimate on how many u ate while filling the jars?
    I know what would've happened if it was my task!

  2. This sounds great! Just wondering what the worksheet would include? I want to do this with my students but I am afraid that they would just forget the sentences and just write "353" or whatever number they thought was in the jar.

    Hmmm I might make some ballots for each grade where they must write a full sentence to qualify for the contest.

  3. Mom ~ I didn't eat any. Not really into candy these days.

    Jason ~ I have first grade so they are basically writing a number down in a picture of a jar. A full sentence would be a good idea too.


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