Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dentist in Seoul? Try Tufts

For me vacation time doesn't just mean to relax and unwind it also means to get some things done that would otherwise be difficult. For instance, going to the dentist during my work schedule means going during the evening or go on the weekend. I figured why not get this done while on my time off.

After some inquires at work I found out that a good place to go is called, "Tufts Dental" located in Gangnam. Checking the website I could tell they looked like a good place. The last time I got my teeth cleaned was in Bundang, and they did an okay job except wanted me to come back for something I felt unnecessary. Well over a year has passed since then and I knew it was time for a check up.

Experience: The office wasn't busy for a Wednesday afternoon and I was taken care of right away. After filling out two papers with some information I was seated for a consultation. I was asked if I would like to have xrays done since it was my first time there. Turned out the xrays were partially covered by the country's National Health Insurance. So why not! After the xrays were taken the official "dentist" came in and went over what she saw. Since the xrays were taken digitally there was no time to wait for the processing. Turns out I have a small cavity growing but it won't be of concern for a while. She left and then the assistant gave me my cleaning.

The cleaning was very thorough, gentle and well done. She made sure to update me on what tools she was using during the procedure. Most dentists in Korea put a cloth over your face (with a hole for the mouth) so to protect your face from getting splattered. This caused me to become slightly sleepy as I usually sleep with a face mask. Anyways, it was altogether a good experience. Made even better since everyone from the front desk to the assistant spoke English.

Cost and Location: The cost for a consultation, xrays and a cleaning was 65,000 won, which I felt was pretty good. You can make appointments for throughout the week or on Saturdays, except they are closed Thursdays.

The location is near Samseong and Seolleung stations, kind of in between. The directions are on their website but I would definitely say to keep an eye on the building numbers, which are visible.

Tufts Source:

There are practically a gazillion dentists around Seoul, and you can try your luck at a local one. But from my understanding and experience most aren't very clean or know English. Plus I appreciate that this place offered to take my xrays as previous places just went straight for the cleaning. 

So, if you are looking for a dentist to go to that speaks English and is clean then head to Tufts Dental, you won't be disappointed.

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