Monday, October 4, 2010

Greener Pastures

The verdict is in! The school has decided not to renew my contract. This is based upon that the Principal only wants one foreigner teacher here. So when I go they will keep the other one.

The Princess announced it to me and she was really nervous. I told her she didn't have to since I already had my own plans. She was surprised to see my relieved and happy face. I also told her that I wasn't too worried about staying here just wanted to make sure everyone was happy with me and not bothered anymore. She was please to hear that.

I am happy to hear this news, but of course it makes me nervous at the same time. Have to get everything organized, packed up and ready to move on. I think I am going to become a pro at this...haha.

My plans are to take their free ticket home, in December, and come back in mid-January to look for a new job (on a cheap ticket). I am currently prowling Dave's Esl job board to see if anything is available that far out. Also, I'm looking into University jobs despite that I don't even have a Master's degree. Figured I might as well give it a try. Otherwise I hope to find an elementary or middle school position in the Yongin / Bundang / Suji location.

Also I am coming into contact with the new visa regulations. I have already gotten my fingerprints done for the FBI, just need to mail them off. I will have an update about that process later. Other paperwork hustling includes getting copies of my degree apostilled. I guess it is going to fun working through these new regulations.

The only real thing I am going to miss from this position is my officetell. Ok, I guess I will miss the kids. But darn this officetell sure really was a great find. However, I know now to see the housing before I sign and what conditions I like.

Two more months left!


  1. Well, it's a good sign to relax a bit, put yourself on cruise control, etc. It's also a sign that you've come to accept things as they are (an admirable trait I wish I had more often).

    Try working with adults first before jumping to the university level. The former has fewer behavioral issues, can communicate better, and has really made me feel like a productive teacher. Going the university route usually requires a lot more work in the curriculum development department or in committee work - the sort of stuff that may eat up more time than actually teaching. Best of luck in whatever you do :)

  2. I'd agree with Chris: there are a bunch of schools in Jongno and Kangnam in particular (if city life gets you going) where you can learn more about teaching adults and cut your teeth before making the jump to universities. I'm glad I did.

  3. Thanks you two. Something to think about. Not sure about the adult teaching - hagwon positions because of the split hours. Are there positions like these without the early morning and then late night hours? Or should I just buck up? haha

  4. Every job has perks and quirks. I hated the split shift when I had to wake up in the morning, but I loved the split shift when I had huge, open tracts of time in the middle of the afternoon, which is a nice time to be free: everything's open, and it's still light, and you're in Kangnam/Jongno!

    Hogwans have their perks, too, if you use your network to find a reliable one: better hours than public schools, staff who are better equipped to deal with foreigners (because there are more at the school) really nice small class sizes...but more pressure from moms than public schools.


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