Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Working Hard

March is proving to be a month where I am putting the pedal to the metal at work. I am teaching 4th and 6th grade this year and my coteachers have given me the liberty to make the lesson plans to my liking.

I am the kind of person that if you give me a project or assignment and let's say the due date is far off I will get started on it now. In other words I am not a procrastinator. However, I wish I were because knowing I need to plan 16 lessons and the camps (when they come) makes me want to get it done now.

Theoretically we are suppose to accomplish 2 chapters in one month. The lessons are broken up into 4 periods.

I am already into planning Lesson 4, which shouldn't be covered till late April. This time around I am planning in a way that gets the kids active and using the language in a fun and comfortable environment. One great tool is indieschool, which is a Korean teachers website where Korean coteachers post handouts and PPT's that they have done for their lessons. If you don't know about this ask your coteacher and I am sure they will give you access. I am also incorporating spelling and sentence forming games. I hope to put up the games and activities I use on here in the future.

There have been some road bumps lately, though. Our school has been infected by a really powerful computer virus / meltdown. Reminder: We don't have our own English classroom. That means that I visit 7 different computers throughout the week, each with their own quarks. Some might be able to do the PPT's while the CD player is broken. Others just shut themselves down and restart over and over. It's a nightmare when you have planned something such as the bookwork. In some classes I have taken over the dialog doing it "old school" by acting out the voices myself. The school knows about all their computer problems and made the IT company apologize. I am guessing since this is such a wide spread problem that things won't get fixed for a while.

The environment of the English Office is a lot better than last year. We chat with each other and share snacks. Yet the room is still small and I find myself wanting escape since I am the kind of person that likes to keep to herself and get her work done. I am looking forward to when they build the English department and praying that our office will be bigger.

But the other coteachers see the hard work I am putting into the lessons and praise me. Also after teaching our classes I talk with my coteachers and tell them that we did a good job together.

I just need to sometimes cool down my rush to plan everything and take it easy at the office.

As for the 2S2 group I have received a lot of inquiries from folks in the area who want to organize something. They appear really enthusiastic and willing to plan stuff with me. So don't fret the 2S2 down here is still alive. haha


  1. Hi! I'm glad things are going well with your school! hopefully that new office is done soon! lol!

    have a good week!!!!

  2. AH thanks ~ New English department won't be done till after summer


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