Monday, December 28, 2009


Finally I am going to show you the proximity of where I live here in Suji. In my humble opinion both the structure of my building and surrounding area are a lot better.

The place I lived in last year:

To me it wasn't a building meant for people to live in, and in fact I finally figured out from the owner that my room was a renovated love hotel. I don't want to rehash the horrors of living in my last place since I know I made it very clear how much I hated it. In fact I hated it so much I must have erased this place from my head since I never think about it.

Let's move on and look around my new building.

We are going to start the tour with a view of when I leave my house. The building is shaped like a triangle with a space in the center. This is where the door faces. 

At the bottom and in the center is a gazebo, which I noticed seemed mostly used by smokers.

Leaving the front area of the building (where inside are the post-boxes and security guard) you are greeted by a gas station. More convenient is the little mart next to the gas station where I have often bought milk and trash bags.

Turn right and walk along the main road you can head towards Lotte Mart on the right or the "downtown" area on the left.

Above is the Lotte Mart where I do most of my shopping. I am close to an Emart and Homeplus, which JH gives me a ride to sometimes.
Below is a view of my building from this main intersection.

I didn't take pictures of the "downtown" area, since I just walked a few blocks and went to the bank. But there are some restaurants, DVD rental place, and a Daiso store. Basically I am trying to point out that although the building looks isolated it is near many conveniences, one of which is the post office and a library / gym.

However, the nearest subway station is a good walk away which can be easily accessed by bus. Yet, the busses that run around here go to many local subway stations so it is matter of choice. Also one Red bus goes directly from my area to Seoul, which I have ridden a few times.

On my outing I spotted this snow formation in the bushes.

Here we have a final view looking from the perspective where the gas station is. If we were to turn around you would see the path I walk to work everyday. When I go back to work, after my vacation, I will take pictures along my way to better illustrate this. Since I am a slow walker, especially if it is uphill, it takes me 40 min to get to work. Strangely it takes me less time to walk home.

Now that I finally have a good home in a nice location you will likely never hear me complain about it.

All I have to say is that if you are a teacher in Korea and living in a crap hole like my last place. Just wait it out till you can decide where to teach next. You will end up appreciating the smallest of things like a built in washing machine or a space big enough to fit a couch.


Soon JH and I will be heading South on a little adventure around Korea. He was hesitant about leaving tomorrow since the weather looks bad, but I reassured him that likely as we head away from Seoul the weather will be ok. hehe


  1. Nice, the third pic really stands out to me. I'm glad you like your new digs. A forty minute walk in the cold weather doesn't sound like fun, but at least you can count it as a daily exercise!

  2. Your new place does look nicer than your old one, judging from the photos you've posted. I'm looking forward to getting to Korea and getting my own place!


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