Thursday, October 15, 2009

Shabu Shabu

I met JH after visiting the Gwanghwamun Plaza and we first stopped at the Han River for a mini romantic pick me up. But it was cold and we were hungry so we took off.

Shabu Shabu seems to be our favorite choice for dinner sometimes. In Gangnam there is a restaurant that we went to a few months back where I met his mother and sister. It was really good and so I asked if we could go there again.

This Shabu Shabu place has a cauldron in the center of the table.We ordered a vegetable platter with thinly sliced beef and a lettuce wrap.
You put the vegetables in the pot to cook and every so often they are plucked out by the waitress.
There you can see the vegetables and beef piled up near my side dishes.

Here are the lettuce wraps and thinly sliced beef.
I think Shabu Shabu makes for a great meal because it tastes really healthy. Typically after the vegetables and meat noodles are put in that makes a nice noodle soup. And after this there is the occasional jook or rice porridge that is made.

Just a simple post here folks. I believe the name of the restaurant is Chin Sang Shabu Shabu. It is near the part in Gangnam where that giant Gorilla is attached to a building. Look around there.


  1. One of my favorite "Korean" meals!

  2. Hmm, a giant gorilla? Haven't seen that one around town before... Any idea if it's closer to Gangnam station, Yeoksam station, etc.?

  3. Matchbox says its in Chungdangnam. THere is a huge gorilla climbing a wall. Check my post here:

  4. Ah.. There is located on cheongdam sagori (cheongdam lottery) near Apgujeong Rodeo street main enterance.. Actually, There is no subway station around there.. Even so the most close station is Cheongdam station line no.7 But It will be taken around 30 mins by walking..


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