Monday, July 20, 2009

It's Final

The answer is:

They are not going to renew my contract, so they will be looking for a new teacher.

Kind of a little shocking and scary when I first heard it. But given all that happened within the last year I guess I didn't exactly fit their idea of what a foreign teacher ought to be.

Ah well~ All I have to say is that I know the result and that means I can move on. It also means I don't have to plan past October for my special class.

But it also entails that I will be looking for a new job and usually there aren't that many available to start in November. Therefore I am faced with some new opportunities in life.

Here is a short sketch of what is running around in my head.
  • Must be at an elementary school. No private school unless it is idealistic.
  • Stay within Gyeonggi-do (the province surrounding Seoul). Look for placement in Bundang, Guri or here in Gunpo. (Preferably close to Seoul).
  • Do not sign unless I see the house and agree it is suitable.
  • Could take the free ticket home to America (in November) and visit family, but will want to return to Korea. That means I would have to pay for my flight back.
  • Stay in Korea on a tourist visa until I find a suitable job...might not be till February. Where would I stay?

All in all this is exciting, disappointing and a little scary all at the same time. I know I need to learn from this and when I walk into my new job I will try to do my best.

For now I am realizing how much I am going to miss the kids at this school and hope I didn't let them down.


  1. Well, change is always exciting (and yes, sometimes terrifying) I hope you get a school that is a better fit, and a MUCH better apartment.

  2. You can stay with me!! But where will I be?? Who knows! We're sort of in the same boat, aren't we??

  3. Ack to be back in the Korean job hunt again.

  4. Sorry to hear about that. Hope you're able to find something better.

  5. One door closes so another can open!
    Stay positive & finish that certification ASAP!
    I posted more of a response on facebook.
    Any thought of Grad School for Asian Art History & maybe a teaching assistantship at a Univ. in Seoul?

  6. Best of luck - you've got plenty of time to find a good job. Take your time, and I'll keep my ears open for ya :)

  7. I started at my school in October as well. While I haven't decided whether or not I will stay at this school for a second year, I have agreed to stay on until the end of the school year in December. It may be possible to negotiate that with your school. That way, you have a couple of months to travel or whatever you want and can start fresh at a new school when the new academic year begins.

  8. Kristen I have thought about that but don't know if my coteacher can handle thinking that way. It would probably take me three times explaining it to her before she understood.


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