Sunday, February 8, 2009

When a Fish Looks You in the Eye

Emart has a pet section, which consists mostly of fish and rodents.

I pass by this section whenever I am in that area. Today, it seemed was the day I didn't come home empty handed.

Looking at the betta fishes I came upon a purple one stuck in a bowl with other fish. I know bettas like to live alone so I felt bad for it. As I looked at it I noticed that it perked its fish-head up at me and was checking me out!

At that point I realized if a fish is going to look you in the eye than you probably should take it home.

And that is what I did!

I now have a new friend in my home who I have to learn how to take care of..haha.

Since I got my little guy at a supermarket I don't know how healthy he/she is. But out of the others which were there he/she looked the most active.

And so pretty!

What to name him/her??

I just hope to give him/her a good home and clean water.



  1. our family has a tradition of using reasonably obscure literary and historical characters' names. I suggest Roget (of thesaurus fame), Archimedes (bathtub connection), or possibly Andrew after the apostle and patron saint of fish mongers, fishermen (and entirely unrelated, spinsters)

  2. I used to breed bettas - had a big tank with peat moss. Looked just like a swamp, they loved it!

    Try for basic care.

    Good luck!

  3. Based on the coloration and appearance it looks like you have a male betta. Why not try a Korean name?

  4. Munmu! After the guy buried in the underwater tomb in Gyeongju!
    Incidentally, I find betta fish well neigh impossible to kill, so it was probably a wise choice.
    And yeah, that's a boy, but let's face it, it's a fish and you can project any gender you like.

  5. I have named him:
    Wala Wala

    Don't just came to my head. hehe and its cute!

    I am thinking of upgrading his home to tank size so he can swim more freely. Also I am going to see where I can get some plants for him to swim around.

    So far he is a happy fish and when put up against the mirror likes to fight with himself...haha.


  6. I love Bettas! I've had a few of them. My last one was named Ajosshi and I left him with my Dad before moving to Korea.

    Anyway - I hope your little guy will bring you lots of joy. :)

  7. oh.....what about Barack....cause this lil guy has brought CHANGE to your abode!

    Wala Wala sounds like a cutesy stuffed bear name!! not a fish.

  8. Wala Wala is a fish name... my fish makes bubbles and when he opens his mouth it looks kinda wala wala like..hehe


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