Monday, January 12, 2009

English in the Mountains Part III

All right, we made it for the final installation of my time at Gunpo English Winter Camp. Here in part 3 I am going to highlight the students, activities and classwork.

My subject was World Discovery. The first thoughts that came to my mind was geography and cultures. Certainly we did some exploring of these topics, but was more of a hodgepodge of topics.
  • Continent and Country Unit (you could imagine the excitement)
  • Egypt Unit (played a game of mummy wrapping with toilet paper...the kids liked it)
  • Rainforest Unit (Got the powerpoint running and at the end there was a PPT quiz game)
  • Solar System (used the PPT and the kids assembled a solar system mobile)
I spiced up the classes with random games of Simon Says and Heads Up 7 Up. But in general by the second day I was well organized and ready for the classes. Therefore it wasn't as stressful as I thought it would have been.

After Class / Extracurricular Activities:

Not surprisingly the kids had brought their cell phones with them, and so occupied themselves with games in between the classes. By the end of the week not many students had working phones left.
At one point during the middle of the week the supervisors brought in this cooking equipment. It was a device meant to cook a Korean treat called:Bungeo-ppang ("goldfish-bread")

The students were given a scavenger hunt game to play, and the reward was tickets to get some bungeo-ppang. Afterwards they lined up to receive their reward.

Other activities included sports.
And making snowflakes.

Noraebang Night:

They saved the best for last because on the final night they put all the kids into the gym and had a noraebang (Korea's version of karaoke). It wasn't all fun in games, but a competition between all the 5 groups. Class 1 (the highest level of English skill and had the cutest girls in it) won the competition.
Don't take my word for it! Instead just watch this video, which includes the singing:

Before we left camp it was goodbye time. The kids gathered in the gym to stand near each other for one last final picture of everyone.

I was sad to go home because the place was so comfortable and there were English speaking people to talk to. I guess I also felt like I would miss the kids. But life has to go on and so we all got on the bus. On the way I spotted this factory near the shore. Ah...lovely~


  1. Why didn't they do the karaoke in English??

  2. The program was split up with learning English in the classroom and everywhere else they spoke Korean. This is quite normal for English programs here. The extracurricular activities at camp were just fun and games and yes spoken in Korean.

    Some of the songs they sing have English verses. Actually one of the leaders (Korean) sang an American rock song that was all English.

    But I know they should try to incorporate more English outside the classroom.


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