Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It is more spacious and yes the window is big and beautiful.

A few hitches:
  • Can't figure out if it has heat, if not I will go buy a heater fan. So far the room isn't freezing, and I have a blanket to keep me warm.
  • Window is of course wonderful, but doesn't keep the room warm. Need to install a curtain. For now it has blinds.
  • Plants are needed and maybe another lamp hehe..
A few good suprises:
  • Lots of storage space.
  • Free Big TV!
  • Shower is better
  • Owner left me two trash cans and a swiffer
  • There is lovely wallpaper.

Pictures to come!!


  1. Well, congratulations. Windows are important for sanity, I feel. And vitamin D.

    I'd be surprised if you have no heat, it should be un-dol (in the floor) with a controller on the wall somewhere.

    Free TV is cool--assuming cable comes with.

    Anyway, best wishes!

  2. yeah. sorry I couldn't come out and help you this time...
    but I expect to see you on Saturday night, and will be crestfallen and blighted if you do not appear.

    Now if I can ever get your package into the mail!

    oooooooooh....please post a pic of THAT blessed window!

  4. Hmmm no ondol system to be found...no buttons ...sigh

    YEa I should try and get myself out there Saturday~

  5. If you have hot water, you have ondol. The ondol thing should be where the water heater is. How do you get hot water?

  6. Amanda I speculate there must be an ondol system for the place. But I think the water heater control is in a seperate room somewhere on the floor. I will have to inquire about this with my coteacher.

  7. update: Coteacher talked with owner. He said he turned on the boiler (heater) last night and that the floor (ondol) should have warmed up to 23 C. I felt hot water...but never a warm floor heat.

    So coteacher said if when I get home it is still cold to call or text her.

    I am betting it needs a fixin'. I am going to buy a heater anyways in case this is a problem that takes forever.

  8. YAY! hopefully they get the floor heating situation fixed. it is so nice to come home out of the cold to a nice toasty floor. i was thinking of cooking on sunday if you'd like to come up and partake?

  9. WOW, nice home you have there Joy. At least the view is better (hehe). I love the fold up bed which will be nice if you have people over.

    Glad to see you've moved in, unpacked, taken pictures and posted on your blog.....wow you're good!!!


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